Custom Barns

When going out on a sales call, one of the things I like to do is ask the prospective buyer to close their eyes and envision what the barn of their dreams looks like..tell me is it a tall barn or a shed row barn…is it a barn you would see back in Virginia or Kentucky…or maybe Amish country…is it low and wide..does it have a double gable pitched roof…or is it a raised center aisle barn…does it have a loft…or how about functional hay doors..what is the purpose of your barn…how will it be used?

Custom Red Barn

Raised Center Aisle Barn

These are the kinds of things that matter to a customer, so they matter to us. I want to know the customer’s vision so that when we get through with the process of building a custom barn for them, it really is the custom barn that they’ve dreamed of—thought of—and the one they wish to own. And since they created it through their vision, it is the only barn that will perfectly match their aesthetics and their style…and they can be assured nobody else will have one like it.

“That’s what custom is!”

Barns of the past were limited on what types of materials could be used. Today’s customer has a wide range of materials to choose from, and today’s products are durable and warrantied. With metal roofs coming in a variety of colors with a 25 year fade resistant warranty, the customer is guaranteed a beautiful roof with minimal color change. The state of the art manufactured siding comes pre-finished and can be easily painted to match the exterior of the home or other outbuildings, with very low maintenance and a manufacture’s guarantee of 50 years it truly makes it easy to build custom barns that stay looking good for years to come. The workmanship on our custom barns is excellent, and if such a thing could be guaranteed, it would be guaranteed for life.

Question: What makes a custom barn a custom barn?

“The reason why we have a price point of pole barns and custom barns is because if you have a nice piece of property a good looking barn, that’s a custom looking barn, that ties the house and the barn together will improve the value of the property dramatically…. we’re selling barns that are upscale and improve the value of the property…that really is what a custom barn does. I’ve never heard anybody say, Ooh is that a (so and so manufactured) barn or wow, you have a (so and so manufactured) barn, I want to buy your property!
But I have people all the time look at my barns and say, wow, that is really REALLY a cool barn, or that’s a really beautiful barn, or that’s a really unique barn. They say that because each barn is different and unique.”

GCB has 10 foot exterior walls, a steeper pitched roof, and the stance of the barn is taller & broader, plus there are all kinds of different uses for the barn. So we design and build barns for different uses. We built a barn where one side has stalls for horses and the other side is a shop to restore vintage cars. We accommodate whatever you imagine you want to do in your barn: office, loft, storage area, recreation area, shop; the customer’s imagination is the limit! Having what you want and having quality doesn’t mean it will cost that much more, it does mean however, that every dollar you spend will be worth it!

Custom Red Barn Front

Double Gable Pitch Barn