The Process

Barn Designs for Horse Shelters, Shops, Winery Buildings and more

The Perfect Site – (location, orientation, access, grade, drainage, utilities, etc.)

It is very important that the person grading and placing your barn has the kind of knowledge born from building barns and developing properties. And because I have this knowledge from years of laying out, grading, and developing barn sites (not to mention being a horse person myself), I will work with you to develop a plan so that all your concerns are met.

Custom Barn Framing

What is the perfect site location? The perfect site location should first meet all your needs: accessible horse pasture, drive-thru breezeway, enough room for trailer turn around and/or storage, road appeal, and possibly the most important factor, a location that is safe (a place where people can see you if you were to get hurt). Drainage is also important as is access to utilities. Gary’s Custom Barns takes all this and more into consideration when placing your barn. We are a custom barn builder and we build on site. We don’t bring a barn to you and expect you to find a contractor to put it up. We don’t have to meet a quota of a certain amount of barns sold a month to pay our overhead. We spend the time needed to ensure you get the perfect barn. Grading is another key component to guaranteeing satisfaction. Not all grading is equal! Just because someone can run a bulldozer does not make them knowledgeable about land development! Just like a horse trainer can see the potential in a horse and will train it to produce that potential, so too, you need someone who is able to see the potential in the property and develop it! From start to finish Gary’s Custom Barns does all work necessary for a complete barn. Dealing with manufactured barn companies, you find a barn you like, you purchase, they deliver, then you have to find someone to grade, concrete and do all other aspects of that barn before it is truly complete! At Gary’s Custom Barns we do all work from start to finish, even on our metal barns—no middle man—ensuring that you have the barn and lay-out you’ve always wanted.

The Perfect Footing – (concrete, decomposed granite, dirt, etc.)

The truth behind footing is that all three of the most popular types have both assets, and liabilities. With whichever one you choose you should have all the information to make an educated decision. Here are some of the pros and cons of each: Concrete is a great surface for footing if installed properly. Too many horse nightmares have been shared with me by owners who had concrete breezeways that were not properly finished for horses (that’s why hiring someone who knows horses is so important!). In the 10 years since building my own personal barn I have never had a horse slip on my concrete, because my crew brush finished the concrete (And yes there is a special type of brush that we use!) The assets of concrete are that it can be easily maintained and cleaned (a quick power wash or blow-out), plus it looks great, giving your barn a truly finished look.

Decomposed Granite or DG has its own cheerleaders who cite it’s better for the horses to move around on and urinate on. I agree with DG being good for horses especially in the stalls. DG is hard to keep clean though, so if you want to use it in your breezeway and stalls I recommend using rubber mats on top of the DG, and for stalls, shavings over the mats for bedding.

Dirt is great for traction until it gets muddy which brings us to its liability—it is hard to keep clean.

I would be happy to speak with you in more detail about these options or to discuss any other footing you may be interested in.

The Perfect Exterior – (roofing, exterior, doors, etc.)

I believe that all the buildings on your property should work together to bring a cohesive look. With that in mind, I design the barn to compliment your existing home thus adding to the value of your property. Whether it is in the form of windows, the siding choice, the color of paint, the roofing color or a myriad of other exterior options, I want your barn to accentuate and compliment your property and its out-buildings. In my experience with building materials, I have come to know what each material entails as far as maintenance and up-keep, once again providing you the information to make a wise decision. A custom barn affords you the ability to express yourself while still working with your already established buildings. GCB’s pole barn design has 10′ exterior walls giving the horses more head room (the rain isn’t pounding a foot above their head!). I believe the pole barn design is superior due to the taller breezeway allotting a taller opening for the breezeway slider doors, aiding in better airflow, and enough space for your truck, horse trailer, tractor, etc. to drive-thru the barn.

Building Custom Barn

The Perfect Interior – (stalls, tack-room, feed room, office, work shop, accessories, etc.)

The interior of your barn is just as important as the exterior of your barn. What I enjoy most in my own barn is not only it’s usability but also how inviting it is. There is no place I would rather be than in my barn! Guess what I found out—so it is with most of my customers! As horse people, we spend a lot of time in or around our barns, so why not be proud of it?

Because no two people are alike each one of my interiors is uniquely suited to each of my customers. I love to see your dream come to life as we explore what you wish to do in your barn. From building beautiful custom stall fronts, practical tack and feed rooms, comfy offices, functional workshops, livable lofts, to all of the different finishes which can be applied, I want to produce the type of interior that says, “come on in and stay awhile!”

The perfect barn is the barn that we will build for you. It will be perfect . . . for you. What makes it perfect, of course, is that it will be  designed to meet your needs and custom manufactured to your specifications.

Finished Custom Barn