Custom Pole Barns and Affordable Metal Barns

Small barn to large barn, horse barn to workshop barn, recreation barn to business barn to affordable metal barn…

All barns are not created the same. At Gary’s Custom Barns located in beautiful El Dorado county¬†we understand each customer has different needs and aesthetics where it comes to how they want their barn to look and function. We work with you to fulfill those requirements.

Gary's Custom Barns Big Red Barn

Barns are not all equal! Manufactured barns are limited to certain specs by the company building the barn. Our custom barns are built to your specifications, distinctly you, uniquely situated and complimenting your property. We build our pole barns on your property (not in a warehouse like manufactured barn companies), and we design your barn to look good and enhance your property.

No matter the size of barn, we customize the barns, so that even our small barns can have 10 foot high exterior walls, making drive through easy and ventilation a breeze (that’s why it’s called a ‘breezeway’). From different width and height breezeways to varying roofs and pitches to in-house custom made stalls, to unique configurations and layouts with mezzanines (lofts), porches and redwood decks…the list goes on and on, you can incorporate whatever meets your needs in the design of your barn. And lets not forget our new affordable metal barns! We provide two barn styles and you decide configuration and number of stalls and color choice of your barn from our samples.

Custom Barn Interior Custom Woodwork Framing

We are your one-stop barn builder–from grading to finished barn, we do it all. Meet with us today, we’re ready to design your barn and create the small, medium, large barn or metal barn, you have in mind.



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