Custom Stalls for Custom Barns

Custom Barn Stalls Structure

Just as the layout design and exterior fascia of the barn is custom to your desires, so are the stalls! We don’t skimp where it comes to your horses, our stalls are built by us in house to insure that you get the custom feel and appeal that will complete your barn.


The stalls fronts come in standard size of 8’ x 12’; with an interior slider door which is 4’ x 8’ and an 4’ x 8’ exterior door. The stalls fronts are heavy gauge steel frames that are powder coated to match the barn trim or whatever standard color the customer chooses with 2”x6” tongue and groove pine core. The stall fronts which have grated tops can be customized with iron work we offer, as well as, horse blanket bars, and handles of choice. All stall fronts come standard with feeder doors. The exterior doors have a 2×6 pine core.

The custom interior of the stalls are built with 2×6 pine from the ground to top of the wall- 10 feet! (most prefabricated barns do not build their barns with that much height). The customer has the choice of grated top or solid wood dividing wall between stalls.

Custom Barn Interior Stalls Metal Work

Affordable Barn Stalls

The stalls are a 5-rail 2”x2” galvanized heavy gauge steel tubing. The dividing walls come with a standard 3/4” plywood kick-wall, or there is the additional cost option of 2×6 tongue and groove pine.

Custom Barn Stall Door Metal Work

Custom Barn Stall Door Top Metal Work

Custom Barn Stall Metal Bars Divider